The growth in the creator economy in the recent few years has invented various ways for creators to make money online. The key to building a business as a creator is by having an engaged community around your niche + your USP.

Content creators on the Internet can monetize their skills, audience, and influence in 100s of ways. In this blog, I have collected the 15 proven methods to make money online as a creator.

Before we jump to the list of 15 creator monetization methods, let’s look at how big the…

List of all the hobbies I tried in the last 3 years. Some stuck, some didn’t. But each one changed something in my life.

I never thought that someday I will write this blog. I didn’t plan to do this. But now when I look back at everything I did in the last few years, It feels exciting.

A friend of mine deconstructed my behavior to me: That I have this habit of trying…

A comprehensive guide to Understand Cryptocurrency bear market.


20% or more drop in the asset prices for two months is considered a bear market.


There is no agreed-upon definition of the bear market. In that case, when it comes to the Cryptocurrency asset market, there is even more confusion. What’s happening with the prices lately? What’s going on in the market? No one got a plain answer to it.

So this is…

What is GoSocial and how it is allowing creators to make a living off their expertise, content, and passion, with ease.

Hapramp started with building, a Steem Blockchain-based social media that rewards its users in cryptocurrency based on the likes they get. We soon realized the limitations of building on top of a very restricted blockchain. …

Rajat Dangi 🛠️

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